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program points

Every participant in license to win, TELUS One® Rewards Program can earn valuable reward points from the sale of selected products and services sold during the year. license to win program points are awarded for every dollar of total contracted revenue submitted. When you sell data and IP products or an integrated solution you may qualify for a multiplier that can help you earn license to win program points faster.

All license to win program points are converted into TELUS One® reward dollars which can be redeemed anytime you like, anywhere in the world.

All of your points will be automatically calculated for you based on the type of product sold (voice or data) and whether the sale involved more than one product. Points are calculated using two steps:

    Step 1) license to win program points are calculated as follows:
    Total Contract Value of sale x multiplier = license to win program points

    Step 2) TELUS One® Points are calculated as follows:
    license to win points/400 = TELUS One® Points
    One TELUS One® Point = $1.00 Canadian